2015 09 September

2015 Late Summer Woodlands News Updates

Official Community Documents:

* The Woodland’s Association Amended Condominium Documents and Bylaws were approved/finalized in March, 2015.

* Unit owners may obtain a free PDF.text copy of the official signed version via email by contacting Residential Management. A hard copy is obtainable at cost from Residential Management.

*Contact information for Charissa Carr: Email: [email protected] or 860 668 5342, Ext. 717.

Attention Community Tenants:

* Your landlord is required to provide Residential Management with your personal contact and automobile registration information upon occupancy and at the start of each calendar year.

* You should have been provided with a copy of the Woodland’s Association Policies and Procedures Handbook from your landlord. As a Resident, you need to abide by these guidelines.

* You are provided with two designated parking spots. Rotating available visitor parking spots for a third vehicle will not be tolerated and will lead to towing of your vehicle.

* A reminder, during the winter months, you need to move your vehicle when the plows enter your court. Please be courteous to the individuals who plow and your fellow neighbors.

Visitor Parking Passes Reminder:

* Anticipating a visitor for longer than three (3) days, a special visitor pass must be issued to them and be displayed within the visitor’s vehicle windshield.

* Visitor Parking Passes are obtainable by directly contacting either of the following Board Members:

Marie Ramsdell at 860 623 0759


Sheila FitzGerald at 860 668 9098

Visitor Parking Passes are applicable for visitors of both unit owner residents and tenants.

Weekly Trash Pickup:

* All American Waste is the Woodlands’ Trash Removal Company.

* Please do not place your weekly trash receptacle out until 6 pm on Mondays and position it one foot away from the garages to prevent structural damage.

* A reminder, each unit should have their trash and recycling bins back within their garages by end of day Tuesday.

Windsor Locks 2015 Household Hazwaste Collection:

To be held on October 24, 2015 from 8a to 1p. Public Works Department Garage, 6 Stanton Road, 06096

Community Fall Dumpster: (This is your only written notification.)

Please be advised that an open-top dumpster will be delivered and dropped off in the Pheasant Court parking lot on Friday, September 25, 2015.

This is considered the annual bulk pickup for owners and tenants of the Woodland’s complex. Please feel free to discard any items that you may have other than those listed below.

The Board requests that contributors respect the list of items that are not allowed; please abide by these specified guidelines, for it costs each one of us when you don’t.

To start, walk your items inside the dumpster. The dumpster will remain until such time as it is full.

* NO Mattresses or Box Springs,

* NO Televisions / NO Electronics,

* NO Hazardous waste of any type; including pet waste,

* NO Tires,

* NO BULK ITEMS containing FREON (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, AC units),

* NO Oil and Latex Paints,

* NO Used Motor Oil,

* NO Batteries,

* NO Propane tanks from gas grills,

* NO Vegetation (Including bushes, shrubs, tree limbs and clippings).

* NO Cardboard boxes; break them down and disposed of in your own blue recycling receptacle.

BULK Item Collections:

Unit Owners and Tenants are individually responsible in calling All American Waste at 860 289 7850 and DPW at 860 627 1405 in advance for specific inquiries and to make BULK pickup arrangements.

Please do not leave your junk along Meadow Lane without making prior pick up arrangements with All American Waste. Place your pickup items out the evening prior to the actual pickup day.

Mattresses, Box Springs along with ‘White Goods’ items containing FREON first need approval from the Windsor Locks Public Works Department (DPW) at 860 627 1405. Fees are applicable for specified items.

Scheduling arrangements and any applicable fee must be addressed no later than noon the day before the actual pickup date. Any applicable fees must be paid in advance at the Town Hall, prior to service.

* Bulk items are collected on Thursdays by appointment with All American Waste. For Mattresses/Box Springs items, $10.00 each; call DPW first.

* FREON and Bulk Metal Collection is the fourth Friday of each month, by appointment. Call DPW prior to All American Waste to schedule. FREON items cost $21.00 each.

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Community Safety Reminders:

* Outside grills must be kept away from the building. Unit owners and tenants will be held accountable for any occurred damages.

* No Grilling or running of refrigerators in the garages.

* Keep your garage doors closed.

* Replace indoor hard wire Smoke Detectors and Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detectors every ten to seven years, respectively. (Refer to last page of newsletter for tips)

* Batteries in updated detectors should be replaced; consider Day Light Savings as your reminder.

* Speed Limit on Meadow Lane is 20 miles per hour, please SLOW it down.

* Bedrooms located in Woodland’s basements are a fire hazard and are illegal.

The Woodland’s Board Walk-About:

In June, the annual property walk-about revealed the following concerns:

* Continuous deteriorating pavement issues throughout our community.

* Several unit decks are deteriorating; decks are to be properly maintained and/or replaced by the unit owners,

* Vegetation overgrowth of our property parameters,

* Flicked cigarette butts off of unit decks and within shared community areas, (i.e. parking, sidewalks) Use a smoker’s receptacle, please.

* Please pick up after your dogs when out walking them.

* The Woodlands has become notably cluttered with unattended kid’s toys and kid pools left on the lawns for extended periods of time. After each daily use, please put it appropriately away; either in your garage or inside your condo. Placement along your unit’s parameters and beneath the deck storage is not allowed. These are notable safety concerns, along with creating unsightly views and damaging to the grass. Pools need to be emptied and removed from the lawn at end of day use.

Future Monthly Board Meetings:

The 2015 Woodlands Board Meetings occur at Residential Management (110 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT) at 6 pm. Unit owners are welcome. Due to limited spacing we ask that anyone with the intention of attending contact Charissa Carr PH: 860-668-5342 Ext. 717 / Email: [email protected] at Residential to RSVP. When a large group is anticipated, another venue may be selected to accommodate all.

Meetings are routinely held the first Thursday of each month, excluding holidays and the month of July. The Annual Association Meeting is slated for Thursday, December 3rd , at 7 pm; a meeting location will be determined.

Woodlands Board of Directors:

Marie Ramsdell / Sheila Fitzgerald / Rich Lindblom / Dianna Lysak / Beth Grabowicz

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Prevention:

* Hard wired Smoke Detectors need to be replaced every ten years. Entire Plug in Carbon Monoxide detectors need to be replaced every seven years. If your unit still has originals, they are not working.

* Current detection devices have technology built in to alert you when your device is no longer working.

* Batteries in detectors should be replaced; consider Day Light Savings as your reminder.

* Preliminary detector replacement service inquiries have been made with licensed electrician, Mark Marinone. Hopefully a sufficient number of unit owners will be interested so that Mark may be able to provide our Association with a discounted rate of detector purchases and installation. Additional information shall be forthcoming.

According to Angie Hicks of Angie’s List, Facts to know:

* Over time, dust gathers inside smoke detectors, desensitizing the sensors.

* Even if a detector has not reached the 10-year mark, replace the entire unit it if it chirps after you’ve replaced the battery or if the alarm doesn’t sound when you perform the recommended monthly testing.

* Replacement of all interconnected detectors at the same time is strongly encouraged.

A few National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Guidelines:

* Install smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area.

* Install alarms on every level of the home including the basement.

* Interconnected smoke alarms – whether hard wired or wireless – are best because when one is activated, they all sound.

* Test all smoke alarms at least once a month. Simply press the test button to be sure the alarm works.

* Ionization smoke alarms are quicker to warn of flaming fires. Photoelectric alarms are quicker to warn of smoldering fires. It is best to utilize both types.

* A smoke alarm should be on the ceiling or high on the wall. Wall mounted alarms should be 12 inches from the ceiling to the top of the alarm.

* Don’t install smoke alarms near windows, doors or ducts where drafts might interfere with their operation. Placement of alarms should be at least ten feet from a stove.

* Be sure to have a fire-prevention strategy in place for when your alarm does sound.

The Woodlands Association of Windsor Locks website has been reactivated with current postings. The access link is https://woodlandswindsorlocks.com/